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About Us

Founded in 2022, NUTRACONNECT is a nutraceutical business growth accelerator for global nutraceutical ingredient manufacturers who are looking to expand their business into the fragmented yet booming Asia-Pacific region. NUTRACONNECT offers end to end solutions to global nutraceutical ingredient manufacturers to build a sustainable foundation for growth in the Asia-Pacific region. 

The Asia-Pacific region is the largest market for nutraceutical products and is growing rapidly. Nutraceutical ingredient manufacturers who have traditionally focused on the US market are setting their sight on the Asia-Pacific region to deliver their future growth.

The Asia-Pacific region is not a homogeneous market like the US and EU. Consumer behavior, regulations, languages etc. change from country to country making the Asia-Pacific region a complex region to operate in. A single decision error can result into a significant loss of time, effort, and money.

NUTRACONNECT Increases your speed to market
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We provide hassle free access to the
entire APAC region or specific countries through our growing community of partners. We cover over 14 countries in the APAC region.

NUTRACONNECT reduces your investment
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Building your own sales team can be
expensive. NUTRACONNECT acts as your sales and operation team in the region for a
fraction of that cost providing you access to market, customer, and regulatory information to ensure you make the right business decisions.

NUTRACONNECT reduces your risk
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NUTRACONNECT provides you accurate regulatory support thereby guaranteeing your products are compliant in the region. All business communication will be in English which significantly reduces the risk of miscommunication that can
potentially lead to legal and financial concerns.


Nutraceutical Ingredient Manufacturers

We provide end to end growth acceleration and business consultancy services to nutraceutical ingredient manufacturers.

Growth Acceleration Services include market entry strategy and business plan, Asia-Pacific wide or market specific distribution setup and management, Comprehensive regulatory support to ensure product compliance and regional sales and operation management with annual business plan delivery.

NUTRACONNECT also specializes in providing Business Consultancy Services to nutraceutical ingredient manufacturers to set up, improve operations or turnaround their business. We work with you on,

  • Business strategy and plan
  • Product development/Improvement including clinical study plan
  • Business and sales processes
  • Team development
  • Profit & Loss and cash flow management
  • Capital raise from investors

Contract Manufacturers (CMO) and Brands

If you wish to develop a specific botanical ingredient geared towards a specific health category, then NUTRACONNECT can assist you with custom ingredient development. Our services include,

  • Botanical sources identification (quality, country, pesticides etc)
  • Extraction to specification with regards to solvent used
  • Concept proof with in vivo and in vitro testing
  • Human clinical study design and delivery
  • Target price
  • Manufacturing and branding as per the client requirement

Private Equity / Venture Funds

Investing in a nutraceutical business can be complex with so many factors determining the success of the business. NUTRACONNECT provide you with investment advisory services that will deliver a qualitative view of the business that you are buying into therefore significantly reducing your risk to your investment. We can verify and determine the value/accuracy of,

  • Products and clinical studies
  • Existing customers and pipeline
  • Regulatory compliance status
  • Sales and marketing data


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Nikhil Sawant

Nikhil Sawant

CEO & Co-founder

25 years sales, distribution and business management experience with global blue chip B2B companies. Deep-rooted network and knowledge of nutraceutical, medical devices, packaging and cleaning & hygiene industries in Asia-Pacific.

Rohit Noronha

Rohit Noronha

Chief Growth Officer & Co-founder

Senior corporate leader & entrepreneur with 22 years of  transnational experience in the nutraceutical and food & beverage industry. Recognized expert for market development of nutraceutical ingredients in Asia-Pacific and EU regions with strong understanding of customers and regulations


Advisor Nutraconnect

Dr. ING. Johan Kamphuis

30 years of global experience at C-Level and senior executive roles in healthcare, wellness, and functional food industry


Advisor Nutraconnect

Mr. Kiyoshi Segawa

30 years of experience in import/export and sales/marketing of active ingredients for nutritional supplement and functional foods in Japan

Nutraconnect Advisor

Mr. Hongxing Lu

25 years of business development experience in nutraceutical and functional food ingredients in China


Q1. Is NUTRACONNECT a distributor?
A. NUTRACONNECT is not a distributor. We will set up your APAC wide distribution network using our partners (who are distributors). These partners will buy from you and pay you directly through us. NUTRACONNECT will connect all the dots to ensure your success (Strategy, distribution network setup and management, regulatory advisory, key customer management, regional management, reporting and Annual operating plan delivery).

Q2. How are you different from the international distribution chains?
A. NUTRACONNECT is your outsourced sales and operation team. We have been in your shoes and we understand your requirements well.
* We are focused on the nutraceutical industry and we are regional in the true sense (one contact for the region)
* We invest our time to understand your company, products, science in detail so that we can build not only your sales but your brand in the region.
* We believe in sharing all available information with you so that you can make the right decisions to grow your business
* We develop the regional strategy (including your regulatory compliance) and implement it. We commit to deliver on mutually agreed sale budgets.

Q3. How does NUTRACONNECT make money?
A. NUTRACONNECT uses retainers and % of sales remunerations model.

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842, Sims Avenue, 03-772, Singapore 400842

General Inquiries:

nikhil@nutraconnect.com.sg rohit@nutraconnect.com.sg

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